Our team in Greenville, IL and Mitchell SD takes pride in making the highest-quality products in the industry, and we stand behind that with the best warranty options. We encourage you to register your TETCO system for a warranty upgrade if your unit qualifies. Scroll below to check the warranty on your current system.

TETCO Warranty Options

While the warranty options for TETCO’S residential warranty can extend to 5 years after the unit is placed in service, there are other warranty options available, with higher or lower years of coverage. To see the warranty associated with your specific unit, input the product’s serial number to check its coverage using our Unit Information tool. Your warranty may include the items listed below.

10-Year Warranty on All Unit Components

10-Year Warranty on Select Accessory Items

5-Year Warranty on Thermostats

5-Year Labor Allowance Credit

Labor allowances are intended to assist in the offset of contractor's repair costs and may not cover the full amount of labor charged by the servicing contractor.

Get a warranty upgrade that includes an additional 5-year labor allowance (years 6 - 10) at no cost when you register your unit within 60 days of installation, if your unit quaifies. For warranty to be valid, all fields on registration must be the homeowner's accurate information.

*5-Year Labor Allowance is transferable from original homeowner to new homeowners

Get a Warranty Upgrade

Receive 5 additional years of compressor coverage when you register your TETCO geothermal system within 60 days of installation.
* On select units. See Details

What's My System's Warranty Coverage?

Not sure if you have the standard warranty, less, or more? Check your system's warranty coverage with the unit's serial number. This is located on the sticker attached to the side of the unit and it starts with "M."

TETCO's Standard Commercial Warranty

All internal system components of the geothermal or water-source heat pump are covered for one year.


TETCO geothermal heat pumps and system installations may include electrical, refrigerant and/or water connections. Federal, state, local codes and regulations apply to parts of the installation process. Equipment that isn't installed or serviced properly can lead to unit failure and health/safety concerns. For these reasons, only qualified technicians should install, diagnose, or service a TETCO geothermal system.

Due to the importance of proper installation and service, TETCO does not sell equipment directly to home or building owners. Internet websites and HVAC outlets may allow for purchase directly by homeowners for a DIY approach, but TETCO  does not offer any warranty coverage on equipment that is purchased online or installed or serviced by persons without Enertech-approved training.

TETCO has set forth this policy to ensure that work relating to our systems is done properly, to code, and with safety in mind. Using well-trained, qualified technicians to install and service TETCO geothermal systems helps ensure your system lasts for its expected lifetime, providing comfort and savings throughout.

* Warranty is subject to change per TETCO system. Look at individual product pages for details on the specific warranty available for that system and discuss warranty options with your local installer.
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