Today's Innovation Stems From Decades of Experience

HVAC contractors, builders, engineers, architects, designers, and others involved in new construction or renovation benefit from TETCO geothermal systems. TETCO's flexible line of geothermal heat pumps and legacy of reliability make projects more economically and environmentally sound.

For New Construction and Renovation, Geothermal Is the Best Choice

Energy Independence

Geothermal heat pumps make it easier for homes and buildings to achieve net zero and LEED certification because:

  • By using only one unit of electricity, geothermal provides up to five units of heating and cooling. 
  • Geothermal systems significantly lower the amount of kilowatt-hours used, allowing for a solar array to more easily cover the home or building's electric demands.

Exterior Appeal

Tired of noisy outdoor HVAC equipment? You don't have to be. With geothermal, there's:

  • Only one part of the system, the ground loop field, is outside, and it's buried underground. The rest runs quietly indoors.
  • Two (or three) in one. The same system provides heating, cooling, and some or all of the hot water needs, or it's easy to combine systems to create the best scenario.

Air Quality

TETCO geothermal systems offer better air quality than traditional HVAC systems because:

  • There aren't any fossil fuels used, so there's no potential for dangerous leaks or fumes.
  • Geothermal lowers humidity, which makes it more comfortable.
  • All TETCO systems utilize UL GREENGUARD Gold certified foam for a safer and healthier indoor environment.

Financial Incentives

There is a federal tax credit in the U.S. for geothermal heat pumps, which includes 26 percent for residential projects and 10 percent for commercial projects.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act a tax credit for the costs associated with residential geothermal heat pumps installations that are ENERGY STAR-qualified, as referenced in section 25D of the Internal Revenue Code.

Other tax credits for residential and commercial geothermal heat pumps may be available in your area.

Include geothermal heat pumps in your next build or renovation with ease using our software partners.

GeoSelect Pro

Enhance Your Commercial Water-Source Business

Commercial representatives using geothermal and water-source equipment understand that it's important to implement the best equipment. GeoSelect Pro is a commercial geothermal software that's free and easy to use, allowing you to design, save, and generate submittals for a project with TETCO equipment. 

Geo Select Pro


Residential Geothermal Design and Application Software

GeoAnalyst is a residential geothermal design and application software that allows installers to design, size, and display recommendations to customers easily. The first step to a happy home or building owner is a properly-designed system. 


Contact Our Manufacturer to Find a Commercial Representative

A nationwide network of independent commercial geothermal sales representatives can help you find a heating and cooling solution that's high-quality, reliable, affordable, and energy-efficient to complete your commercial project.  

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