About Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal replaces your furnace and air conditioner, all in one system. 

Geothermal uses solar energy absorbed by the earth to heat, cool, and provide hot water for homes and buildings.

Geothermal System Diagram

The Parts of Geothermal

Ground Loop Ground Loop

The earth absorbs almost 50% of the sun's energy, which keeps the temperature four to six feet below ground between 45°F - 70°F. Geothermal heat pumps move heat from one place to another using the ground loop field buried outside. A water-based solution flows through the ground loop pipes.

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Flow Center Flow Center

The flow center pumps the water-based solution between the ground loop field and the geothermal system in the home or building, creating the capability to heat or cool using the earth's steady temperature.

Geothermal System Geothermal System

The geothermal unit is often called a heat exchanger because it condenses heat to distribute heating throughout the home or building or removes it, much like a refrigerator, to distribute cooling. The heatinga nd cooling is disbursed through forced air or radiant.


How Heating and Cooling Is Distributed

Solar Panels Forced Air Heating and Cooling

With forced air, a typical form of heating and cooling, a system of ductwork and vents is used to distribute hot and cold air throughout the home or building.

Solar Panels Radiant Heating

Known as the most comfortable way to heat, radiant, in-floor heating uses a system of pipes in the floor of a home or building to distribute warm water. With this method, heat rises from the ground up, creating even heating without drafts or potential ductwork noise. It's possible to heat a patio or pool with this method, too. 

Hot Water Hot Water

Most residential TETCO geothermal systems come standard with hot water assist, also known as a desuperheater. With this technology, the geothermal system assists the hot water heater by capturing extra heat from the unit and relocating it to the water heater, cutting water heating costs 25% - 40%. There are geothermal system that can provide 100% of your hot water needs, eliminating the need for a standard, less efficient hot water heater.

Beyond Heating and Cooling

Heated Pools

Heated Pools

Geothermal is used for pool heating.

Snow Melt

Depending on snowfall amounts, geothermal can provide snow melt for a driveway or patio. 

Save Money

Save Money

Geothermal systems are the most efficient way to heat and cool, which saves owners money on heating, cooling, and hot water costs. You can get geothermal for $0 down, and make the monthly payment with the money saved on utility costs.

Better Way of Life

TETCO geothermal systems are whisper quiet, improve air quality, effortlessly control humidity levels, and offer zoning, so you can control the temperature depending on where you are the most. Smart thermostats match with our systems, so there's always temperature control.

No Fossil Fuels

Geothermal systems don't run on fossil fuels, removing the potential hazards of harmful oil or gas leaks, fires, and carbon monoxide poisoning. With geothermal, it's possible to have an all-electric home so you don't have to be concerned about volatile fossil fuel costs.

About Loops

Ground Loop Field

Find out which ground loop system is right for you and your project.

What Does Geothermal Cost?

Geothermal: You Can't Afford Not To

Between the benefits, incentives, and payment options, geothermal is the best way to go.

Geothermal + Solar, A Power Couple

Ask us or your local TETCO dealer about the powerful combination of geothermal and solar for ultimate energy savings.

A Geothermal Solution For Every Situation

TETCO has large, flexible product line. There's a TETCO unit that meets the needs of just about every home or business, no matter the climate.

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